Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where I've Been, and My Thoughts On Design Teams....

It's been exactly a month since my last update. I could go on to tell you that it's because life has been overwhelmingly busy, and while that is true in it's self - it's not the entire reason why I haven't been updating. Are you ready for some brutal honesty? Here it goes....
I lost my will to create. No cause for alarm! After a month of having no desire whatsoever to create anything, my desire is back - and I'm enjoying the hobby more than ever. A mixture of things made me "lose my mojo". Work was so busy, and on my days off, I honestly couldn't find the energy to get off of the couch. Another factor (and this brings me to my next point) was the fact that I was on several design teams at once. Don't get me wrong! I enjoyed my time on the Pretty Little Studio design team, and the GCD Studios design team. I appreciate the opportunity to have worked with such lovely products, being able to get my name out there, and to work with some amazing ladies.

With that being said, I am no longer a member of either company's design team. GCD Studios decided to disband the entire design team. All of the ladies, including myself, were "let go". Honestly - I wasn't as sad as you may think when I heard this news. I was relieved.

This new found relief made me realize that I needed to go ahead and resign from Pretty Little Studio's design team as well. You see, as much as I enjoyed designing for several companies - it really put a damper on creativity. Between work, and motherhood - I hardly could find enough time to be creative. I had to force myself to be creative when design team projects were due. I had to force myself to work with products I didn't necessarily FEEL like working with. Again, don't get me wrong - I loved the products! It's just that...sometimes you're in the mood to create with other products of choice. I felt tied down, I was stressed out. That is not what this hobby should be about.

I'm taking a long break from being on any design teams. Creative time is my time. I shouldn't have to feel like it's work. I just need a break. I need time to do what I want to do. Will I ever join another design team again? Of course I will - when I don't have as many obligations. Perhaps when I go back to being a stay at home mother/wife. Perhaps when my daughter goes to school. Who knows? I mean...it wasn't all bad. There were some really good times - and I did create some great projects that I will cherish forever! But for now....it feels so good to be free of the responsibility.

My advice? Trust me - I'm not trying to scare you away from applying to be on a design team! In fact, I encourage you too. Just consider all the factors. Will you have time to dedicate to it? Because...when it's all said and done - it is a lot like a job. Will you be okay with working with mainly just the one type of products. You may not have time for much else. Will you be able to get your creative juices flowing when you NEED to, rather than when you WANT to? It's a big responsibility, and it's not something to take lightly.
In the end, you just have to do what makes you happy. :) And if you got through this entire post - kudos to you. Hopefully you'll be seeing more updates from me soon!


  1. I totally feel ya, Christina! Right now I'm about to start college and I KNOW it would have been hard to stay on top of DT deadlines with all of that coming. I can't imagine what it'd be with kids!!

    The photo of your daughter is so cute! :) I totally understand what you're feeling and hope to see more of your "unleashed" awesome scrappiness!

  2. I understand where you are coming from. Several years ago I took a job as the head designer at a local scrap store and, while I loved the ladies I worked with and playing with new products, it became 'a job'. When I realized that I had not created anything for my personal books in almost 3 years is when I resigned. So, two years later I am still trying to get caught up, but completely enjoying my creative time. You have to do what is right for you :).

    Live your pic of Charlotte! She is such a cutie!