Friday, December 28, 2012

Guest Blogger: Oh Snap Lizzie!

Prelude: One day on facebook I recieved a message from a local friend telling me that I reminded her so much of one of her best friends. In the message she suggested that I get to know her friend and so I did. Boy, was I in for a suprise or what? The girl's name was Lizzie and we were EXACTLY alike. We both love to craft, we're both nerdy, and we're both pretty adorable too! From that day forward - she has been known as my "twinnie" and I love her to death. Because I'm far from greedy - I'd love to share this wonderful twinnie named Lizzie with you all. Luckily - she agreed to do a guest blogger post! I hope you enjoy it. It's a very fun read! So without further ado.... 

Hey, I'm Lizzie.  I'm a momma of three that has NO time to clean or do housework with all the other things I need to get done in the day.  I like to blog and type and share my crafty projects with the world.  But separating colors and white for laundry?  /giggle that's funny that you think I do that!
Some would say I'm lazy... but I'm not.  I have a lot of my plate.  Like training my 7 year old the fine art of duel light saber battles.
And of course my daughter wasn't born with all her sass.  That takes up most of my mommy duties.  Being a Sass Master is exhausting.  But the end result is fab!  In just five short years, I think she's finally a professional.
As for the third... well he gets into too much trouble to learn.  From climbing fences and trees (yes he's only TWO) and eating his weight in candy and other sugary treats everyday, I don't see how he could find the time in the first place.
With all this hard mothering going on, it's a wonder I find time to craft at all!  I do love to make things with paper, yarn, and sometimes fabric.  But that's a BIG sometimes with the fabric.  Me and Alice don't get along very well.  Alice is my sewing machine.  Of course I name my possessions... don't you?
I have a strong love with paper crafting.  I love being apart of many crafting communities and Facebook Groups.  If I close my eyes really hard and focus I can almost vacuum the living room with my mind.  Almost.  So until I am able, the crumbs will just have to make their way to the trash on their own.
In my spare time I work on a magazine called Designed To Color.  So you can see how we hardly ever have clean laundry and dishes.  I'm just way too busy with more important things.  Important to me and my kiddos that is.  The husband could disagree with that tho.
Want to see where I create?  I'm sure you do!  I love to oooh and ahhhh over other crafters rooms.  See what creative ways they come up with to store their push pins and scrap papers!
Such a lovely room huh?  The colors, the cleanness!  Man I wish I could tell you it's mine!  But let's be honest... what crafter really has a room like this?  Since I am airing all my dirty laundry here (and we now know I have TONS) here is my craft space.
Lovely huh?  See how I just throw everything on the big table and then when the time comes for me to use it I either 1:  Forget I have it or 2: Can't find it for the life of me and then it appears two days later just laying in the middle of the floor b/c it's tired of playing hide and seek.  Yup... awesome indeed.
The husband gets a little upset with me over my crafting.  Not so much for the mess, but because I have piles and piles of pants piled up that need a good hem job or maybe a button sewn on.  For me, it's just easier to head to the mall and buy him a new pair.  But shhhh.  He doesn't know about the 'mall part'.  Many times have I tricked him into thinking a new pair of pants were his favorite jeans.  Thank goodness for the grungy, distressed era we live in now!
Yes, I love to craft.  yes I love my kiddos.  And yes, my husband can get on my nerves.  And yes... I'm not the 'best' housewife if you compare me to the housewife guidebook of 1956.  But you know what... we are happy, silly bunch!
So don't be afraid to show off your imperfections, don't be afraid to let the laundry sit in the hamper for a few more days.  Clorox is great to treat mold!  Just remember... you only have one life.  And to sit on the couch and watch Supernatural and craft with your kiddos will be the best memories of your life.
Okay seriously... can you come fold my laundry?  I'll pay you 10 dollars plus gas money!
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  1. Very cool crafty projects!
    I agree! Life is to short to stress about what needs to get done. Especially when the kids are small! :)

  2. You're too funny, Lizzy! Thanks for the validation and peek into your awesome life!

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