Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Evidence

Look! It's actual proof that I have been crafting.

It hasn't gone unnoticed by me that I have not posted something craft related in a while. While this blog is about my crafts AND my family - it seems the family part has taken over quite a bit. I just haven't had much time to sit down and craft. As you might recall from my previous entries - birthdays, baby showers, and holidays have taken over my life! With that being said - I hope to have a blog entry filled with nothing but crafty goodness posted soon.

This week has been exciting to say the least. Good exciting and bad exciting. Let me start with the bad....
My daughter and I were in a car accident on Monday. I live in a very small town. We do not have interstates or busy 'business' routes. We have a small highway that goes straight up and down for miles and we have a bunch of 'back roads'. However - when you cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge - it's like a whole different world. I hate driving over there. It makes me very nervous! All of our doctors are over there though, including my daughter's doctor. My mother usually drives me to and from but unfortunately she couldn't take me on Monday. Luckily my sister lives 'across the bay' as it were. I drove over there to meet her at Starbucks because that is really the only place I know how to get to over there (addicted much?). From Starbucks, we went her van, towards the doctor. As soon as we got on the interstate - traffic came to a sudden stop. There was an accident up ahead. We were completely stopped waiting for traffic to start moving again when my sister looked in her rearview mirror. There was a car coming up behind her. She said "Oh, car! Don't you hit me." A mere second later - the van was slammed into, the air bags were deployed, and the kids (my daughter, her son) were screaming.

It was a terrifying experience. One I don't think I'll get over very soon. No one was hurt to terribly. I suffered a gash to the foot and my daughter's neck was cut from the car seat strap. My sister's wrists were bruised up pretty badly due to the airbag deployment. My sister's son (Isaiah) was unscathed but the most shook up out of all of us. I am just so thankful that we were in my sister's van. My car is very tiny and I don't think it would have turned out well because if my sister's huge van was completely crushed - I can only imagine what my car would be. Or wouldn't be for that matter! I've told my husband that whenever we need to go 'across the bay' I much rather go the long way around instead of the interstate. It's one thing if I am in an accident - it's a whole different tale when I have my baby girl in the car. I don't want her to have to go through that again.

After being sore for days from the accident (and my daughter being grumpy) - I think someone knew I needed somewhat of an 'uplift'. That blog hop I posted about a few days ago? The one that was filled with Holiday goodness? Well, yesterday (Wednesday) some of the winners were announced. I was one of them! I won 7 of Authentique's 6x6 paper pads and a few other Authentique surprise goodies. I was so shocked because I don't have the best luck with these things. I never expected to win! My face lit up when I read my name - and I've had that same goofy smile plastered on my face since. I am so thankful to Authentique and I am so thankful to everyone who participated in the blog hop because it really was a lot of fun. I cannot wait to receive my goodies and when I do - I'll be sure to share the fun with you all!


  1. Sounds like quite an experience. We had two of those in a 6 month period about 2 years ago.DID. NOT. LIKE. Glad you all ended up ok though.

  2. Driving on the interstate isn't always going to be bad hunny... you are just a sheltered ES'er hahahaaa i drive on the interstate all the time in Houston, the countries fourth largest city and it's not bad... it will be okay hunny bun!
    i did however get into an accident when adin was around 8 months old in va beach off laskin and yea i was very afraid of driving! but it will get better! once that lil munchkin is about two you won't be so scared to do things! i promise this!
    and super grats on your win! i'm jelly! but the other day i did win on the echo park FB woo us!!