Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthdays and Fall Festivities

Wow, it has been a busy weekend. Things won't be slowing down for us any time soon either. This is what I like to call the era of no money for the Collins family. Birthdays start this month, for our family and friends, and they do not end until January. That, along with holidays, means there is very little money to go around and plenty of time spent in celebration with friends and family.

We went to a family friend's birthday party on Saturday and then another on Sunday. Charlotte's first birthday is this upcoming Saturday (and we have been going crazy with birthday plans) along with several Halloween parties. Not to mention - trick or treating isn't long after. The next weekend after that is my sister in law's and mother's birthday. Then a few days later is my nephew in law's birthday party and the next after that is my niece in law's birthday party. My birthday is the next weekend and then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas. My husband's birthday is in January. You can imagine how chaotic (and expensive) it gets!

Before the birthday party yesterday, we decided to squeeze in a little personal family fun time. We went to a place called Hunt Club Farm to enjoy their fall festivities. We went on a hayride, picked out our own pumpkins, and visited the petting zoo. Charlotte had so much fun and Bruce and I enjoyed it quite a bit as well. The best part was seeing Charlotte's little face light up with fascination. 

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